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Wind Energy

The Kinetic energy in wind has been successfully harnessed to turn the blades of a Wind Electric Generator (WEG) to produce electricity without polluting the atmosphere.

To produce energy from wind, M.P. wind farms limited (A Joint sector Company) has established Wind farm at Hills of Jamodrani (12 Km. from Dewas). Presently 58 Wind Electricity generators (WEG) are installed, each having a capacity of 225 Kilowatt. Project of 15 MW by M.P. Wind farms Limited is almost complete, out of which 13.05 MW WEG has already been commissioned.

Wind is constantly variable in nature. The variable power output from a Wind Electric Generator cannot be directly utilized by any factory. Moreover, high wind speed location may be far away from existing factory. The Option is to install the turbine in a high wind region and to feed the output to the grid of State Electricity Board. State Electricity Board allows utilization of the energy produced by wind farm at the owner's factory located anywhere in the State after deduction of 2% wheeling charges. Electricity Boards also permit buy-back as well as third party sale of electricity.